How To Get Lots Of Great Free Samples Online

Are you looking to get some free products once in a while? Or maybe you just want to try some products before you commit to buying the full size version at the grocery store. It’s easy to get started hunting down free samples online.

One way to find free samples is to simply check the websites of all your favorite brands and products, including their Facebook pages. Many companies are increasing their free sample efforts, especially in exchange for a Facebook Like. Luckily, these days you don’t need to hunt down samples constantly on brands’ individual pages. There are many sites that aggregate samples from around the Internet, like Snag Free Samples.

Not only do these aggregator sites list fresh samples each and every day, but they often let you sign up for a free email newsletter that delivers the new free samples to your email inbox each day, so you can jump on them right away. Even when manufacturers have tens of thousands of samples to give away, you’ll find that they go quickly since there are so many people hunting for free samples.

Usually the samples offered are actually 100% freebies. You simply need to tell the company where you want them to send your free product, and they will send it. Sometimes, you will be asked for feedback or to complete a survey before you get a free product. You may find some offers that are “Participation Required.” These offers typically give away bigger ticket products, like a free computer or full size products, but required that you complete other offers. These offers are usually things like applying for a credit card or signing up for subscription services, like Netflix.

Finally, you can also Google terms like “free samples by mail” and go from there, to find many sites that specialize in free samples. Some of the most popular samples these days are the ones you can get from Walmart, so just Google “Walmart samples” and you’ll find lots from them.

Remember, when you are sample hunting different companies will use your information in different ways. Be careful about who you give your information to, and you might even want to think about setting up a separate email address just for requesting free samples.

For years, consumer goods manufacturers like makeup companies, shampoo companies, or food companies have been giving away free samples in the mail. Many manufacturers actually benefit from giving away free samples. They get valuable feedback about products, sometimes even before products are released to the general public. So, by ordering free samples, you can actually get new products before they are released! Happy sampling!

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